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01. Discovery
01. Discovery
We get acquainted, dive deep behind your brand and analyze why you need a website and what you’re looking to achieve with it.

Based on those fundamental elements, we get a clear vision regarding the direction you want to take, and start analyzing the potential value we have to offer.
Een visual die omschrijft hoe de discovery meeting in zijn werk gaat en uit welke stappen deze bestaat.
02. Research & strategy
Based on the Discovery meeting, we start researching and analyzing your competitors websites' to better understand your market and identify what they have in common.

Thereafter, we diagnose where there is room for improvement.

By combining both with current market trends and your brands' goals, we obtain a blueprint that defines a well-thought-out website structure where we can build on during the design phase.
02. Research & strategy
03. Design
03. Design
Once the strategy is embodied, the focus shifts to the design phase which contains 3 stages.

During these steps we consistently build towards an adequate design that meets your requirements.
1. Low fidelity wireframing

This can be seen as the visual blueprint of your website. The focus is specified on structure and hierarchy of different sections and elements your website will include.
Een low fidelity wire frame dat weergeeft waar de focus op ligt tijdens deze fase van de design process.
2. High fidelity wireframing

This is the phase where elements like content, typography, color and other branding elements are added to the wireframe.
Overall it will contribute to the exact, static, look and feel of your website.
Een voorbeeld van een high fidelity wire frame dat weergeeft waar de focus op ligt doorheen deze fase van het design process.
3. Prototyping

This is the final stage of the design process where static wireframes are transformed into a working version of your website.
Meaning you can visit pages, interact with responsive elements and experience how visiting your website will eventually be.
If the project includes more complex animations, they will be build directly in Webflow, the tool we use to actually build your website.
04. Development
We now know the site’s exact look and feel and can proceed to the building process.

Development is done in Webflow, a powerful tool that changes the way we build for the web.

By creating a Content Management System we aim to build sustainable websites that can be updated in a less time-consuming and more cost-efficient way.

During development we also take care of Search Engine Optimization, so your website is ready to be indexed by search consoles.
05. Launch & support
05. Launch & support
Before publishing your brand new website, we set up hosting and connect your domain name.

Once this process is completed, it's finally time to publish your website!

If desired, we offer maintenance in terms of updating to keep your website fresh and relevant on the long term.

A personal approach

A streamlined process can vary from client to client depending on elements like time, budget and other factors.
That's why we like to start with a no strings attached consultation where we get acquainted and analyze which way of working fits best to your needs.

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